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Our Firm's Mission at Zukerman & Associates, Ltd. is to help our clients achieve success by providing personalized attention and a commitment to service that addresses not only today's needs but tomorrow's plans. Our dedication to helping you achieve your financial goals means placing a premium on timeliness, thoroughness and accuracy.

ZUKERMAN & ASSOCIATES is a full-service certified public accounting firm providing complete tax, accounting and business planning services. Respected regionally and nationally by colleagues and clients, Zukerman & Associates has earned a reputation for  implementing innovative, financially-sound approaches to administering each client's account and needs.

Utilizing our experience both as entrepreneurs and CPAs, we understand and appreciate the fluctuating nature of business and the financial concerns and rewards caused by those variances. The combination of CPA credentials and business skills provides a sophisticated environment in which to develop creative and solid financial planning strategies.

Zukerman & Associates strives to provide functional and cost-effective solutions. To accomplish this, each project receives tailored services from a team of dedicated professionals.

The team approach assures the examination of every possible alternative for our clients. All members of the team participate in evaluating each account, so clients automatically benefit from each associate's expertise.

To bring our clients the most up-to-date advice in the ever-changing world of accounting and tax regulations, our professionals are required to obtain continuing professional education yearly. But to best serve as our clients' advocate in all financial matters requires more than textbook knowledge and proficient accounting skills. It requires attention to personal goals and situations. Our abilities to combine professionalism with a personal interest in each account is one of the many reasons for our continuous growth. The truest testimony of our success, however, is the impressive accomplishments of our clients.

We welcome this opportunity to briefly introduce the services Zukerman & Associates offers. 

We will answer all of your questions, as they impact both your tax and financial situations. We welcome you to contact us anytime.